TTC Random Facts

Toronto Transit Commission is the public transit system of the City of Toronto
Its ridership is over 2.5 million people daily

Davisville has four garages. Inside the 4th north facing door from the track, there is a big rectangular box on the wall labeled ‘Portable Snakes’.

There are 117 metal posts that hold up the westside powerline between Eglinton tunnel and Davisville station.

On the walls beside every other subway door, TBIC label is printed on the left side and ASIC, DIS label on the right side.

One of the new Toronto Rocket trains has carts serials 5412 through 5417. The highest serial ever witnessed is 5774.

The older series are numbered with “RT-” in front. e.g. RT-10

On various checkpoints on the tracks, there are metal switches installed over one rail called “Blind Trip”. Blind trips are designed to be triggered by the momentum of a running train. When triggered, the power at the section of track ahead will be cut. Blind trips are suppose be armed when the signal lights are red however TTC has yet to implement this feature. TTC has announced that this will happen eventually as the new Toronto Rocket series trains roll in.

The new Toronto Rocket model trains launched on July 21, 2011. The new trains will carry 120 more passengers and TTC has ordered 70 of them.

At Davisville Station there is a bridge that goes over the top of the tracks. At the foot of the third pier there’s a yellow box labeled “Portable Snakes”

The TTC has a fleet of 678 subway cars, oldest being the H-series which is due to be replaced by the new Toronto Rocket series built by Bombardier Inc.

Each train on Yonge and Bloor line has 7 cars. Each train on Sheppard line has 5 cars. All cars are motorized except the new Toronto Rocket series.

There are escape tunnels that run perpendicular to the train tunnels between stations greater than a certain distance. Currently by observation there are confirmed tunnels between:
Lawrence-York Mills (east side)
York Mills-Sheppard (east, middle, west)
North York Centre-Finch (west)

When TTC workers go for an unscheduled inspection on the track, they place one flashing amber and one flashing blue lights on the track in the direction the trains are coming.

There are stable amber lights in the middle of the track between stations Sheppard and the south entrance of Eglinton tunnel

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