First time making muffins



Muffin mix: 500gBlueberries: one box
Cherries: a dozen
banana: 2
sugar: 1 cup
vanilla: 1 teaspoon
cream: 1 cup
egg: 2
butter: 125ml
muffin paper: 18

  1. Mix Muffin Mix, sugar, banana, cream, vanilla, egg and butter.
  2. Chill in fridge for one hour
  3. Preheat oven to 350F
  4. Line the muffin pans with muffin paper
  5. Add fruits to the bottom
  6. Fill the cups to one-half full
  7. Bake 20 minutes
  8. Enjoy!






Ontario Engineering Competition

For the past 16 months I was the Chair for the Ontario Engineering Competition. It is the largest and most daunting I have taken on yet and I’m really glad it concluded successfully.

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Christmas Volunteering

St. Stephen’s Soup Kitchen in Toronto, Ontario is a really friendly place if you would like to do some good for the holidays. They serve 60-100 guests every Sunday night. Guests are friendly and up for a chat.

St Stephens Soup Kitchen
103 Bellevue Ave
(College and Bellevue)
Toronto, ON M5T 2N8

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Wikipedia Adventure

So I made a bet with a friend at work that I can get to Cotton Candy from any article to demonstrate linked database in wikipedia. Here’s what happened………..

Random Article> The Courage of Kavik the Wolf Dog
Ronny Cox
Vietnam War
Khmer people
Chinese language
Air quality
Tropospheric ozone
Potassium chloride
Food preservation
Cotton Candy

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First day of a whole summer long training. Humid and rainy today but with some cloudy periods.

60 minutes on the treadmill today. Extremely excited because the Red Bull Air Race Championships was on and they are now at Perth in beautiful Australia. Super 8 class with 18 gates. Fastest time was Paul Bonhomme from the Great Britain, a mere 0.70 seconds ahead of runner up Nigel Lamb from the same country.

At 20 minute mark, I was running at 5mph. After that, I increment 0.5mph every 5 minutes. My heart beat was over 160bpm at 40min and kept it in that range for 10minutes.

After the legs got tired, I moved onto weights. 10pushups, 10 bicep curls(20lb), 20 crunches: loop 5 times. All while watching Star Wars…Pushing further, I did two sets of 10 shoulder raise (20lb) and 20 both hand rowing pull(70lb).

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Friday, sunny with chances of cramp

I had only completed one exam but I still went to the gym. I’m going back to developing fast twitched muscles again after a long pause. I will still work on endurance but only for the VO2 and circulatory instead of strengthening slow twitched muscles.

Today’s warm up was 1km with 800m race speed. After a routine stretch I was sprinting 60m down the track. I can clearly feel the long unused hamstring cramping up to go faster. I will need a couple of weeks to get back the speed. After couple top speed runs, I went to the SCC to go through the routine upper body training.

Back in res, I received an email from our HPV team leader Victor. Apparently team member Dan is training today so I decided to join him for an hour. We are greatly behind schedule in building the race bike as well as getting a well planned training done. Good news is that Dan found a female rider for us so we no longer lose 200 points or so… That wasn’t all there is. Dan and I feel that the HPV, even though it is well engineered, does not meet the speed and acceleration requirements. A person on a road bicycle can easily beat the HPV. Oh, so much for capable of top speed of 50 miles per hour. This has been reported to the team leader.

My condolences to the Polish community for the Air Disaster that killed their president.
My condolences to the Chinese community for the deadly earthquake this week.

HPV Team Training!

So the fastest Human Powered Machine on Earth…the Human Powered Vehicle.

The competition is in Connecticut, 27km from New Haven. The race includes 20km Endurance and 800m Drag Race.

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