How to Get a Job in Aerospace

“Best thing students can do is reach out through their networks to find someone who works in the industry.”
Andrew Pienkow, MechE 1T2+PEY, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty

“…for students/grads looking for a job in aerospace there are a couple of things I’d recommend/look for. One is true passion for the industry and company they’re interviewing for… knowledge of the company and passion shows the interviewer that the candidate isn’t just sending out tons of resumes to get a job anywhere, the company they’re interviewing for actually means they’ll want to stay/work hard to get where they want to go in their careers and possibly stay in the company for a while. Secondly, make sure you read the job description carefully and try to get information about the job so that questions, even high level, can be answered intelligently.”
Rob Remba, ECE 0T4, Bombardier Aerospace

“Students who are interested should invest some time in their passion. I recommend reading up about the products and services of the company and the target markets.”
Andy Chen, MechE 1T3+PEY, Bombardier Aerospace, Eurocopter Canada

“You have to be very proactive in seeking out jobs. For example reaching out to people in the company to get you connected, or showing your interest through your extracurriculars.”
Jonathan Yam, NSCI 1T3 (Aero) + PEY, Bombardier Aerospace

“Whether it is for an interview, when writing a cover letter, or to a career fair the most beneficial thing I have found is to know as much possible about the company & the industry you would be working in. See if there are any current events (in the news, stocks, economy, etc) that could be affecting the company as well. From my experience employers look to hire someone who has a the fundamental knowledge behind what the job requires, has the interest & enthusiasm for the job and will put in the work to learn what they don’t know.”
Kristina Menton, MechE 1T4+PEY, Pratt & Whitney Canada

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