Aug 1-31

Aug 31

P90X Legs and Back. Used machine-bands for pull ups.

Aug 30

197 chair pushups.

Aug 29

P90X Ab Ripper X.
A few shoulder raise and bicep raise.

Aug 28

Rest day.

Aug 27

Anaerobic swim, mixed style 2 laps x 2 sets. 4 extra laps freestyle.

Aug 26

P90X Shoulders and Arms. Generally 20lb weight except Shoulder Raise and Forward/Lateral Raise (15lb). Hopefully improve to 20lb soon.
P90X Ab Ripper X. 3 rests but much more energetic at the Mason Twist.

Aug 25

P90X Plyometrics.

Aug 24

P90X Chest and Back.
P90X Ab Ripper X.

Getting back to regular workout intensity.

Aug 23

Rest day.

Aug 22

Rest day.

Aug 21

Rest day.

Aug 20

Rest day.

Aug 19

Unscheduled rest day.

Aug 18

22.8km ride to Downsview airport with Vlad.

Aug 17

P90X Chest and Back. Much better on the push ups. Pull ups require more  effort.
P90X Ab Ripper X. Took two short rests.

Aug 16

Swim: Aerobic 10laps freestyle. Anaerobic 2laps each, butterfly/breastroke/backstroke(cool down)

P90X Kenbo X.

Aug 15

P90X Legs and Backs.

Aug 14

P90X Shoulders and Arms. 20lb weight with exception of Lying Shoulder Extension(15lb).

Aug 13

Unscheduled rest day. Not enough rest.

Aug 12

Unscheduled rest day.

Aug 11

P90X Plyometrics. This exercise is getting much much easier. I think Yoga will replace this as the hardest workout.

Aug 10

P90X Chest and Back X. 20 push ups 10 pull ups first round. 15 push ups(except wide fly) and 10 pull ups second round.
P90X Ab Ripper X. Getting easier with less rests. Will try harder with more range gradually.

Aug 9

P90X Kenbo X. Fast and complicated.
P90X X Stretch.

Aug 8

Warm up: 2+4 laps freestyle.

20 laps freestyle, consistent number of strokes each lap.

Pain threshold training: 2 laps butterfly.

Aug 7

P90X Legs and Back. It’s a very interesting workout that requires good leg flexibility. Fighting for balance on one leg is extremely difficult.
P90X Ab Ripper X. Getting easier to complete all reps, now focusing on good leg form.

Aug 6

P90X Yoga X. I’m not very flexible as it turns out.

Aug 5

P90X Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper X. No rest but few pauses.

Aug 4

P90X Plyometrics. This is an insane workout.

Aug 3

P90X Chest and Arm. 20 rep for push ups and 10 for pull ups.
P90X Ab Ripper X. With multiple rests.

Aug 2

Warm Up: 6min jog, 15 Push Ups

Shoulder Press 10, 25lb
Lying Tricep Extension 10, 15lb//
Lat Pull Down 10, 80lb
Cable Face Pull 10, 120lb//
Lateral Raise 10, 20lb
Shoulder Row 10, 15lb

Each pair repeated 4 times.

Aug 1

Run 1 mile
Push Ups 15
Crunches 20
Bicep Curl 15, 20lb
Shoulder Press 15, 20lb
Tricep Dip 15
Squat 20
Lateral Raise 15, 20lb

Repeat for 3 sets.

30min aerobic swim, mixed style.

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