First Yoga Class

Ok this will sound crazy. I actually attended a yoga class. The class was presented by Ken Kuran, who is the treasurer of the Mech Club. He also created the U of T Yoga Club, which roots back to Mech Yoga Club.

Yoga was considered by athletes as something only for incense-burning hippies, now the practice is more accepted by open-minded trainers. In sports, injuries are usually caused by lack of strength in some parts of the body–we lose balance and we fall, which leads to sprains or even bone fracture. We use small muscle groups to balance and assist the larger muscle groups to make movements. Trainers have repeatedly focusing on only large muscle groups, which leads to strength imbalance. Yoga fills in this hole.

In practicing yoga, the athlete hold their body in positions which simply are not necessary in normal life. Each position stretches a different part of your body and enhances the strength on another part (flexibility is also important in avoiding injuries). Holding a yoga position is much more difficult thank say benchpressing 20 times. You can only utilize small muscles to help you stay in position, and that sometimes means holding up your body weight.

Overall yoga is going to be an essential part of my triathlon training regimen. It not only helps me relax tight muscle groups but also brings body to a balance.

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